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Guide for easy snow removal

With the temperature dropping and snowfall imminent, it is time to get your driveway cleared from the snow. Here are a few steps to make this task easier: there are many different ways to remove snow from a sidewalk or driveway. If you are not available, you can get a family member to help or hire snow removal services. Snow shovelling is backbreaking for seniors and people with heart conditions, so it’s best to delegate this task to a snow removal company to stay safe this winter. Hiring a professional is the easiest way to deal with the snowfall.

Shovelling snow is the most common way to clear snow. The process involves using a shovel to scoop up the snow and then dumping it into a pile on the ground. Typically this is done with both hands, but can also be done by using one arm in certain situations, such as when an injury or illness prevents one arm from being used properly. It’s a good idea to set up a schedule ahead of time so that when the snowfall happens, someone is shovelling every day.

Here are some general guidelines on how to shovel your yard quickly:

1. Shovel off any snow that has accumulated on the surface of your driveway. This will help keep slush from accumulating and getting stuck in thick piles of snow later on.

2. Shovel from an uphill direction so that gravity can help with the shovelling process. Driveways are usually designed with the slope, so make sure you shovel in a downward direction.

3. Use a shovel with a blade width of at least 14 inches so that it’s easier on your back when lifting heavy snow. The weight is distributed more evenly in that case, and you can lift more snow with less strain on your back.

4. Keep up with the snowfall — you might have to shovel 2–3 times a day to avoid the snow compacting and too much heavy snow so that it gets too hard to scoop.

5. When you throw snow, make sure the piles aren’t too close to the sidewalk because it will fall right back on the path, and you will have to shovel the same snow twice.

6. Take breaks when tired to avoid injuries. If you have any back problems or joint issues, take extra caution and get help if you feel like shovelling is too strenuous on your body.

7. Dress for the weather. Dress in layers, so you can take some layers off if you get too warm. Ensure you have boots with a good grip and warm socks to keep warm and avoid slipping and falling. Use a warm hat, mittens or gloves and a wind-prof jacket and pants. Use a balaclava to keep your face warm when it’s windy or freezing.

8. Set up a schedule for snow shovelling so that someone is responsible for clearing every week. If you know you won’t be available that week, you can get temporary snow shovelling services.

9. Apply salt or sand on the ice to avoid falls. Chipping the ice takes time and a lot of energy. You can use a combination of salt application and ice chipping to reduce the amount of salt used and avoid damage to your lawn.

10. Another method for clearing snow is using a snowblower that blows away any excess snow on top of surfaces and then throws them into piles at the edges of driveways or sidewalks. Snowblowers are more expensive than shovels, but they are much quicker. You would need some type of storage area for the snowblower, such as a shed. Snow blowers can be handy when dealing with large amounts of snow, but you still have to go out in the cold and operate the machine. Sometimes it takes a while to start a snowblower, so if you only have small areas to clear of snow, it might be easier to shovel. In residential areas, a couple of neighbours might invest in a snowblower together and take turns using it.

While snow shovelling is not an easy task, you can still enjoy it if you are in good health and if you love outdoors, and it can also be a great workout. In addition, getting fresh air is essential, and sometimes snow shoveling is a good reason to get out of the house.

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